Of Things To Come

by Kathy Santoni

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Matt Troxell - VOCALS
Kevin Seger - GUITAR
Mike Quinn - BASS
Arthur Seifert - GUITAR
Dylan Volb - DRUMS

Recorded at Ivy Studios in Pine Hill, NJ.
Mixed and Mastered by A. SEIFERT
Additional vocals on "Guidance" by
Dave Hurban and Randy Seger.
Keys on "Can You Hear Me Now" by Linsey Seifert


released November 13, 2012



all rights reserved


Kathy Santoni Deptford Township, New Jersey

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Track Name: Choke
Drink yourself to sleep and choke on your spit.
I'll take you out back after i dig that six foot ditch.
You live a life of lies, and those pieces never fit.
I cant stand to see you smile, you worthless piece of shit.
Wipe that Look off your face.
Bury me, because you never cared for me.
You'll never be anything but worthless to me.
Quit blaming other people for your mistakes.
You spent the last couple nights down by the lake.
Keep wasting your feelings on people you don't value.
We've held our hands up for way too long.
Its time for change and separation in point of view.
I did this all for you.
Goodbye and so-long.
I hope you choke.
Bury me, because you never cared for me.
You'll never be anything but worthless to me.
I hope you choke on your spit.
Track Name: Willows
Gripping and tearing, this is becoming unbarring.
I should have known from the start.
Preparing and failing, you're anything but caring.
I sat there and watched us drift apart.
Im trouble, im worthless.
Im nothing of purpose.
You kicked me when i was down, after i fell.
Never wish at 11.
I'll never make it to heaven.
And they ran out of room in hell.
I don't know what you want from me.
All that's left is the dirt stained on me knees.
Ive got a bone to pick with you and your indifference.
In the blink of an eye I'll make you regret every part of your existence.
In and instance it wont make a difference.
Im trying to find a way of keeping my head on straight.
After all this time i never thought I'd be watching you walk away.
But you're far to gone now.
And im far too over it.
Keeping me on the run, Im tired. Im static.
you've got to be kidding me.
My heads a wreck.
If i cant be what you want me to be,
then i pray to god i never become anything like you.
I know just what i need to say.
And i know im better off this way,
Replacing the memories that you took away from me.
You said you'd call but my phone hasn't rang in weeks.
Is it worth trying or have you forgotten me?
I'll clear my mind, you'll weep like a willow tree.
I wont go back you never had faith in me.
I wont go back.
My bane will remain.
Track Name: Guidance
Now we're left with empty beds,yanked threads and tired hands.
With this being said we went. They fled. Our hope is fucking dead.
I'll take the credit for embedding it in their minds, that humanity was lost.
Or just a lost cause. But in the end we still came out on top.
With no hope, no guidance. No one can divide us.
Its just us two, and that's all I'll ever need.
I just hope you feel the same, or I'd run until my feet bleed.
I am the hole in your boat that makes you sink.
I am the thorn in your foot that makes you limp.
I am the message in your head that makes you think.
I am the thought in your brain that makes you cringe.
This has gone beyond my expectations.
I just don't know what to believe in.
It seems that everything was such a waste of time.
I know i figured it was killing you on the inside,
when all along it was killing mine.
And nothing ever changes.
You hide behind your faces.
I'll always be two paces ahead of you.
No matter what the case is, we'll see right through your creases.
No one gives a shit about your feelings.
This is a message for you and your family,
your best bet is to pack your bags and leave.
Swing motherfucker, give me everything you got.
Give me one reason to end your fucking life.
Close your eyes before you look my way.
Bite your fucking tongue before you speak my name.
Track Name: Can You Hear Me Now
Can you hear me now?
Im screaming at the top of my lungs.
And can you hear me now?
I will fall down with my hands pressed over my ears.
I will falter. My mind has taken over all of my fears.
Float above your life and see the world around you.
Its falling apart.
Im just a stepping stone on your path to failure.
We knew it from the start that you would always be mistreated.
Be broken.
A shipwreck misleading yourself to a flooded shore.
Feel the broken glass underneath your toes
as you walk to the edge.
You're going off the deep end.
This is the day you wont forget.
'Cause everything in my life has been nothing but regret.